Saturday, May 30, 2009


TOP 10 Reasons to Vote for Take Back Our Union We believe with the right leadership Local 100 can be rebuilt into a strong, powerful union capable of getting good contracts and protecting our jobs, wages, benefits and condition:

1) Stop the Givebacks
2) Restore No Layoffs clause to the contract
3) Fully protect seniority
4) Members not arbitrators should decide our contracts
5) Full 10 % night shift differential
6) Free Healthcare - eliminate the 1.5 % Toussaint Tax, capping it is not enough
7) Improve the dental plan
8) A universal MTA pass including LIRR and Metro North
9) Get everybody to pay their dues arrears
10)Fully Represent the workers at MTA Bus, Mile Square, Royal Coach, Ardsley, First Transit and at every private company.

The Take Back Our Union slate believes the strength of the union is derived from an organized rank and file membership which stands together to defend their livelihoods, and a union leadership which is determined to lead and protect them.We believe Roger Toussaint and Curtis Tate's policy of being soft on management has failed Local 100.

They brought us the 1.5 % Toussaint Tax, the disappearance of an assertive union presence on our jobs, and attacks against our working conditions in every department.Their abandonment of real trade unionism has landed us in binding arbitration with the very real potential of massive givebacks including the expansion of One Person Train Operation and a seniority busting regional bus agreement.

Take Back Our Union believes in real trade unionism. We are dedicated to taking the steps necessary to rebuilding Local 100. We are determined to break the cycle of givebacks and win real gains at the bargaining table.

Vote for Change - Vote for Take Back Our Union (TBOU)You can visit our campaign website at

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