Sunday, May 17, 2009

There Is No Democracy Without Choice‏ by Steve Downs

Can you believe that Toussaint’s handpicked Elections Committee disqualified a candidate for being 18 cents in arrears on his dues? Or that another candidate was knocked off the ballot after he received a written decision explicitly accepting his evidence and qualifying him for the ballot? Believe it!

The Toussaint/Tate/Watt team is going after members in good-standing -- people who paid their dues throughout the months when there was not dues check-off -- and treating them as if they never paid. These members, who faithfully paid their dues, are being treated worse than those who scabbed during the strike.

This isn’t really about how they’re treating potential candidates, though. It’s about how they’re treating the members. Afraid that they might lose, the Toussaint/Tate/Watt team is doing everything they can to deny the members a choice when it comes time to vote.But what can you expect from the people who ignored your vote on the contract and prevent the officers you choose from representing you?

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