Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rigged Elections by Israel Rivera Jr

Rigged Elections? by Israel Rivera Jr

Did you ever think Local 100 elections might be rigged? The thought has occurred to many of us. Lets look at the facts:Local 100 wont release the list of paid dues members. Because many currently elected officers running on the United invisible did not pay their dues themselves! Ask any of them to show you their dues statement. They wont.

Toussaint and his hand picked crew removed many democratically elected officers you the membership elected! Do you think things will be different with his handpicked successor and most of Rogers own staff still in place? Dictators never give up power freely, history has proven this time and time again.

How often did you wonder quietly about what really happened to our contract negotiations? Why did the Toussaint/Watt/Tate team again violate the membership by excluding every officer we elected to represent us? Local 100 officers cower in fear as local 100 continues to hopelessly slide into draconian rule.

For three terms we have hoped and prayed for 20-50 to no avail. Then we were lead on a catastrophic strike that further drained every member of his hard earned money as we were hit with massive penalties and Local 100 was severely crippled financially for years to come.

Our Union Hall is sold for 60 million dollars. Then resold by the buyer to the tune of 90 million! Making some very lucky person a 30 million dollar profit within 18 months during the worst real estate slump in nearly a 100 years. This alone cries out for a criminal investigation. But your officers are fear full of raising any questions and facing the dictators wrath.

Roger Toussaint negotiates himself a very nice cushy job at the TWU of America, our parent Union for a $160,000 a year. Then appoints his successor Curtis Tate to run our Union as he misleads the membership into believing we are finally rid of this parasitic embolism. So why then does non-president Toussaint change the locks to Recording Secretary Darlene Lawson's office and confiscate the section and division meeting records Darlene Lawson is lawfully the guardian of?. Is he now planning on altering the monthly meeting records? Perhaps some one on the United Invincible slate missed a few meetings and didn't qualify for re-election? One thing is for certain, he has violated another elected officers authority.Our union is as corrupt as many other unions were under organized crime decades ago. Yet, we the membership do absolutely nothing about it. The list goes on and on. I can sit here for a day or two and go on endlessly. We know the stories, we live them every day. The enemy might have started out being the MTA, but Toussaint/Watt/Tate have changed the map. They are definitely not our saviors.

What options short of armed revolution do we have? Well, a powerful weapon is at your fingertips. Your Vote! Soon as the ballots start arriving at your homes the United Invincible team may ask if you have received your ballot in the mail. Innocent enough right? No, not at all. That's just a pitch to the followup question when they now ask you to bring your ballot in should you have any questions. They will ask you to turn it over to them. They will tell you something along the lines of " relax I'll send it in for you just leave it blank" Dont do it! Do not give away your voice or your vote.Stand tall, vote them out. Lets clean out 80 West End. Send them packing once and for all.

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