Thursday, May 21, 2009

Take Back Our Union (RTO) Solving Problems for Members-Causing Problems for Management

RTO needs officers who can help members if they get written up or when other
problems arise. We've got that. TBOU includes experienced, knowledgeable, and
effective reps.

We also need officers who look beyond individual problems and find ways to
challenge the TA's practices. We've got that, too.

* When the TA told him he couldn't wear his turban on the job, Kevin Harrington
fought back. He forced the TA to back off and won a victory for every T/O and C/R
whose faith calls for them to wear specific head coverings. He has also used Federal
FMLA Law and Americans with Disability Act in new ways to save and protect jobs.

* For years, T/Os and C/Rs who were restricted to the platform by Labor Relations
were treated as if they were on the Extra List. They had to take whatever job the
crew office gave them, at any time, anywhere in the system. No matter what their
picked job paid, they got only 8 hrs/day. Now, as a result of grievances filed and won
by Steve Downs, T/Os and C/Rs restricted on codes 126, 127 or 128 report to their
pick location, work their regular hours, and receive their penalty pay.

* Josh Fraidstern and Brian Burke filed grievances that changed the way the TA
schedules training and refresher courses. If they send you to a class on your picked
RDO, they have to pay you a minimum of 12 hours -- even if they give you a
different day off that week.

* The department recently issued a new notice (39-09) with guidelines for jury duty.
You don't have to take the summons to 130 Livingston on your own time any more.
That's thanks to another grievance filed and won by Josh Fraidstern.
That other slate? From top to bottom, from nominees for VP to convention delegate,
they have not filed a single grievance that challenged the TA and forced it to change
the way it does business or improved the job for all of us.
Vote the Take Back Our Union (TBOU) Slate for more info : www.tbou2009.0rg

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