Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take Back Our Union(TBOU) Election Campaign Message -They said " Save Our Union "

Take Back Our Union (TBOU)Election Campaign Message – They said “Save our Union” and laughed all the way to the Bank.‏

We Don’t Need a Puppet
We need a Real President

After handpicking Tate as his “Acting President,” Toussaint says he will be the “International Officer responsible for Local 100.” It’s wrong for Toussaint to try to continue to run Local 100 through Tate from behind the scenes at the International. We don’t need Toussaint’s puppet as an acting president for the next three years.

They said “Save our Union,” & laughed all the way to the Bank
The Union’s by-laws say that officers are supposed to get the same raises as those negotiated for the members. Did you earn 10 % or 12 % more in 2008? A lot of them did.
The Union’s financial records, which are filed with the federal government, show many of them did a lot better than us in 2008 when compared to 2007:
Tate made 7% more
Clark made 11 % more
Thomas made 12 % more
N. Rivera made 10 % more
Ayala made 12 % more
Poor Watt - he only got a 4 % raise in 2008. But don’t feel too sorry for him. Watt’s allowances and disbursements from the Union increased $4,600; giving him $23,471 on top of his salary.
Tate, Watt & the rest of them told us we needed to “Save our Union” and then they went to the bank with our money. And they can’t even get us a contract!

You can see the Union’s last two year’s of financial reports here: http://www.takebackourunion.org/resources.html

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