Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tate/Toussaint fears of Take Back Our Union(TBOU) causing election fraud

Toussaint’s United Invinsible Unjustly Removes MaBSTOA Candidates
Jimmy Colon – Sandra Santiago – Fernando ChilloThe Union is afraid of a fair fight.

They trumped-up false charges against several MaBSTOA candidates running with the Take Back Our Union slate.What happened to Colon?Vice Presidential candidate Jimmy Colon was disqualified by Toussaint over an absolutely false claim that he paid his dues late. The fact is Colon paid his dues every time the Union sent him an invoice. And he paid these amounts in full.What happened is last year the Union sent Colon two incorrect invoices. Colon paid what the invoices said he owed. Now, the Union says he can’t run because he only paid what the Union said he owed at the time.What happened to Santiago and Chillo?Santiago, who was nominated for Executive Board at OA Division 1 also paid every cent she owed and on time and she has the receipts to prove it.

The Union won’t even tell her what months they claim she didn’t pay her dues. Fernando Chillo, who was nominated for Division 1 Chair, is also in the dark about why the Union claims he didn’t pay on time. It’s not right to bounce people without even telling them why.Vote: Take Back Our UnionWhen a Union targets people like Colon, Santiago and Chillo and prevents them from running for office, there is only one answer: we all must vote for the slate supported by Colon, Santiago and Chillo: Take Back Our Union.If elected, Take Back Our Union will respect our differences and treat every member the same. We will win good contracts and protect our livelihoods.

We will rebuild Local 100 by uniting, organizing and mobilizing the membership into a Union that has real power in the subways, on the buses and in the halls of government to get us good contracts. We believe in having a Union that management must respect.

John Samuelsen for President, Israel Rivera for Secretary-Treasurer ,
Benita Johnson for Recording Secretary,Angel Giboyeaux for Administrative Vice President
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