Thursday, May 7, 2009

MTA gets Bailout but not Stations Department

The State Legislature passed a series of new fees and taxes yesterday to stop service cuts, avert layoffs and to keep NY Transit base fare from rising above $2.25 this year. But according to officials from both the MTA and TWU Local 100 this new bail out plan for the MTA will not stop the booth closings.The MTA appears to still plan to close over 150 booths in July even after getting this bail out money from Albany.The closing of so many subway booths also means that members of Station's Department should still be concerned with the possibility of layoffs.

Therefore Take Back Our Union (TBOU) will continue to lead the fight to stop booth closings and to avert layoffs and we are asking for all members to get involved.TBOU will be sitting up a series of protests and rallies at various Stations all over the city to inform the public that the MTA is still planning on closing booths.In addition we will be visiting various elected officials at there offices in there communities.TBOU also has many allies in the community prepared and willing to fight this issue with us. So check daily to stay updated on breaking news and further developments on this and all transit worker related issues.

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