Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thousands of Signatures of Support for Take Back Our Union- TBOU Candidates Run for 175 Positions

Because thousands of Local 100 members have signed petitions for Take Back Our Union, TBOU candidates are running for 175 spots in the Officer and Delegate's elections. They deserve your support.

In the last election, Toussaint's slate only won because multiple slates split the vote. This time is different - there is only one choice to make if you want change: Vote Take Back Our Union.
They talk big, but the truth is they don't know how to negotiate a good contract, how to unite the membership and how to even win a strike. We now have a Union with no headquarters building, no money and no contract for most of the members.

In private lines some shops have worked without a contract for years. They are still in arbitration over the 2006 MTA bus contract. They took away our right to vote and put the 2009 TA, OA and MTA bus contract into binding arbitration. They play politics with peoples' lives. Regional bus and the loss of seniority rights are threatened, but they won't tell anyone what is in the new contract until after the election. You know why.

Our jobs are under attack. In stations, booths are being closed. In subways, we face trains without conductors. Our benefits are under attack. First they gave up the union's health fund, and then they agreed we have to pay the 1.5 % for health insurance.
Our wages are under attack. The newspapers say we might not even get a wage increase in the next contract.

Its time we had real leadership at Local 100. We need to bring everyone together. We have to stop the corruption at the Union and start respecting every member for who they are. We must rebuild Local 100 and again make it a strong, powerful Union that can get good contracts.
Vote for Change - Vote Take Back Our Union (TBOU)

For more information, please check out our website at www.tbou2009.org

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