Friday, May 22, 2009

Take Back Our Union (TBOU) RTO-How T/Os and C/Rs can protect their jobs

How Train Operator's ( T/Os) and Conductor's (C/Rs) can protect their jobs :

Toussaint claimed that the 2002 contract “smashed” the TA’s disciplinary machine. It didn’t
happen. Now the Toussaint/Tate/Watt team claims that discipline is way down. If it is, we’re
not feeling it in RTO.

The TA’s new technology means that if you make a mistake while operating, you’re more likely
to get caught. If you get caught, the TA’s going to come down on you.
For years we’ve told you not to rush. The TA wants you to rush to make their schedules work.
But if rushing leads you to hit a signal or close the doors on someone, all those trains you
brought in on time aren’t going to matter.

Based on our experience as officers, here are some ideas to help you hang onto your job:

• T/Os, don’t pass a yellow signal. The surest way to avoid hitting a red signal is to stay
behind the yellow ones.

• If you do hit a signal, don’t even think about backing the train up. That’s a sure way to
lose your handles.

• If you’re on the “L” operating in “Restricted Mode” under CBTC, don’t go above 5 mph.
The computer is putting trains in emergency at 13 mph and the T/Os are being charged
with speeding. Go 5 mph, not 10, in Restricted Mode.

• C/Rs, don’t rush to close your doors. Make your full announcement and don’t close down if
there’s any chance of someone being hit by the doors.

• If you’re delayed, let the RCC know.

Flaggers, be sure to put the yellows out first and pick them up last.
Want to avoid days in the street? Want to survive as a T/O or C/R? Then don’t rush.

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