Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Take Back Our Union President Candidate Challenges Toussanit Candidate Curtis Tate to Debate

Take Back Our Union (TBOU) President Candidate John Samuelsen challenges Curtis Tate ,Roger Toussanit's hand pick President candidate to a debate. The members have been asking Who is John Samuelsen ? Who is Curtis Tate ? What better way for members of TWU Local 100 to find out about the only two men running for president of TWU Local 100 ? Well the challenge has been issued by Take Back Our Union (TBOU) candidate John Samuelsen and now the only question is will Curtis Tate accept the challenge. The open letter from Mr. Samuelsen is below :

Open letter to Curtis Tate to Debate
May 19, 2009

Curtis Tate
Acting President
TWU Local 100
80 West End Avenue
New York, New York
Dear Brother Tate:
I have accepted the offer of NY 1 to participate in a debate between us .The debate is take place at NY1's studios in Manhattan. Two dates have been set aside, May 28 or 29 . I am told it will be moderated by NY 1’s Transit Reporter Bobby Cuza and Daily News Transit Reporter Pete Donohue.

I think this would be an exciting opportunity for the two of us to debate our respective vision for TWU Local 100 and the membership. Because it will be aired on TV, I understand many transit workers will get the benefit of hearing us before they vote in the election. Just the two of us ,Curits, face to face, discussing the many issues confronting TWU Local 100.
I urge you to accept.

Fraternally yours,
John Samuelsen
For more information on the debate challenge and the upcoming TWU Local 100 election go to our election website at and vote the Take Back Our Union(TBOU) Slate

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