Sunday, October 25, 2009

TBOU Action Alert - Protest against Mayor Bloomberg Friday October 30 , 2009

Billionaire Bloomberg Rots the Apple! PROTEST Take Back Our Union (TBOU)urges all transit workers and our supporters to come out and protest on:

Date: Friday, October 30, 2009
Time: 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Location: Bloomberg for Mayor Campaign Office
813 Broadway (between 11 & 12 sts.)

Mayor Bloomberg made billions from banking and vulture capitalism. He has used his mayoral powers to enrich the banks, corporations and real estate developers who are devouring our jobs, housing and education. A quarter of NYC's $50 billion budget -- $12.5 billion -- goes to tax-free debt service to banks. Join us to say that money needs to go to the people of NYC.

* Bloomberg says he's created jobs. Is this a joke? Unemployment is at record levels in NYC. The cost of living is up; wages are down. Homelessness is epidemic.

* Youth unemployment is over 50 percent. Youth need jobs and education, not repression and jails.

* Bloomberg did nothing to stop the closing of Stella D'oro, despite the company having received tax abatements. His planning board voted for the Bronx Armory developer, against community demands for decent jobs.

* Billionarie Bloomberg is running campaign ads promoting racism. He is in cahoots with former Mayor Giuliani, whose racist policies targeting Black and Latino/a communities are well-documented.

* Bloomberg rules over the public schools by fiat, preventing community control of schools that serve mostly people of color. He also forces educators to "teach to the test" for biased standardized tests.

* Bloomberg opposes a raise for Transit Workers. He's attacking the public service unions.

* Bloomberg has ignored the AIDS crisis completely. Health care in our communities has deteriorated.


Initiated by the Bail Out the People Movement. We urge unions, community groups and organizations to mobilize and work together for this important demonstration.

Call 212-633-6646 or 646-353-2708
Email for all your community and labor news visit

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Take Back Our Union (TBOU) Action Alert- TBOU Supports NYC Paid Sick Leave Campaign by Christine Williams

We all know how important it is to stay home from work when we're sick or to be able to stay at home and take care of a sick child. Many people take this for granted that you will get paid by your employer when you call out sick. Yet there are over a million workers in New York City who have no paid sick time. When workers can't afford to take off from work to recover from illnesses, this could become a health risk to co workers and the public.

The Take Back Our Union(TBOU) womens initiative committee has joined with the NYC paid sick leave coalition to get the NYC Paid Sick Time Act passed this year. Join TBOU and add your voice to the movement gaining momentum throughout the city and tell mayor Bloomberg that workers deserve paid sick days.

Important Upcoming dates
*october 26 2009* Launch of the paid sick days subway ad campaign Also public out reach and leaflet at the following subway station locations along the 4 5 and 6 line.
Time: 7:30-9 AM East at Lexington avenue 125th street
East 86th st and Lexington NW and SW corners on the downtown side
Union Square south end near 2 subway kiosks along East 14th street
Also at 10 am at Union Square there will be a demonstration and mass leafletting to the public.

*November 16 2009 *Press conference and rally on the steps of city hall! The city council will hold a hearing on the paid sick time bill.More details on this action at a later date.

*November 18 2009 *NYC paid sick time coalition. will sponsor a Forum
" Mobilizing women to speak out on paid sick days" Time: 9:00AM-11:00AM
NYU School of Law 245 Sullivan street, Furman hall-student lounge Featuring:
Gloria Steinem For more info on future actions go to for all your labor news always visit

Friday, October 23, 2009

TBOU Education Alert-Monday October 26,2009 " AT THE POINT OF PRODUCTION"

Author's Forum : 5:30 P.M., October 26th, 2009 at Brooklyn College Graduate Center for Worker Education,25 Broadway , 7 floor to RSVP call 212 -966-4014

At the Point of Production The Social Analysis of Occupational and Environmental Health A Collection of Essays Edited by Charles Levenstein.

This book locates workers' health and safety problems in the board political economy, arguing that without a deep understanding of the social/political/economic context of particular industrial hazards.The chapters report a series of case studies, all of which use the " point of production " as framework to investigate particular problems or industries.

The first section of the book focuses on globalization - the impact of privatization on health and safety of workers and communities in Brazil and Mexico. The Next section addresses environmental issues : the unintended effects of environmental regulation on workers, the situation of hazardous waste workers and emergency responders, the implementation of toxic use reduction and the role of workers in pollution prevention. The third section explores the intersection of labor relations with gender relations at the point of production.The last chapters addresses practical issues involved in conducting occupational health research in the contested terrain of the workplace.These chapters were previously published in New solutions Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health Policy.

Sponsors : CUNY/Brooklyn College Graduate Center for Worker Education
Worker USA : Journal of Labor & Society
New Solutions Journal Occupational and Environmental Health Policy

TBOU Education Alert-Monday October 26,2009 " WOMEN ON THE LINE"

On Monday October 26 Join Miriam Glucksmann for talk on her book and experiences:
Thirty Year Reflections on Women on the Line - Changes and Continuities in Women's Work with comments by Linda Gordon of New York University.October 26th From 5:00PM - 7:00PM at The Tamiment Library located at 70 Washington Square South NYU Bobst Library, 10th floor between La Guardia and Greene Street in lower Manhattan for more info contact Michael Nash by email to stay updated on all labor education news always visit

Things Are Falling Apart Inside TWU Local 100 from TA Surface

What is happening to TA Surface? The President, i.e., Roger Toussaint, talks about “accountability” but right here in TA Surface the Vice President, Stephan Thomas, continues to make a mockery of our Division.

We have elected Division Officers barred from dealing with the membership. The Division Chair is back on the bus, and the VP has told management not to deal with him (backed by an email from Toussaint to management). Yes, the Union Hall is using management to go against an elected officer of the union. What a travesty!

We have two Divisional officers, Willie Rivera and Armando Serrano,driving buses while there are two Depot vice-chairs, Keith Arrington and Carlos Clarke doing their work. We have the 1st Division Vice Chair, Lloyd Archer not doing any hearings while the ENY Depot Chair, Ron Carter, does disciplinary hearings in other depots and arbitration. Stephan Thomas and Toussaint give the discredited Grand Ave(appointed) Chair, Gale Lee, a job at the Union Hall and in the same week they fire John Farrington, a former officer and long time staffer who was the Coordinator at 2 Broadway. Competence gives way to cronyism.

Things are indeed falling apart. For Toussaint and Thomas“accountability” means one thing, listen to their orders or face retaliation. How can there be any “accountability” when the top officers see no reason to be accountable to the membership? Change is coming on December 8th, but we don't have to wait till then.We need to demand that the Union’s by-laws and the member’s rights be respected. Let the Division officers run the Division (as it always has been).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TBOU Election Update - Ed Watt bails out on TWU Local 100 by Israel Rivera Jr

Local 100 Secretary Treasurer Ed Watt bails out on United Invincible and the members of TWU Local 100. As the most bizarre and controversial election in the history of TWU Local 100 heads into the home stretch .

Ed Watt goes and takes a full time paid position at TWU international of America just as president Toussaint did in November 2008. Seems his new position was to be brought up before an upcoming International Executive Board meeting. Details of the $160,000 a year position may have been leaked out by Mr. Watt himself. This is a major blow to the United Invincible slate. Sure sign of a fracture as Mr. Watt is Curtis Tates number two man. A sign that United Invincible's top people believe the current Local 100 election is unwinable? Local 100 President Roger Toussaint has already secured himself a position at TWU of America.Many Local 100 officers and UI candidates are already at the TWU of America, leaving most of their supporters to wonder about their own fate as the ballot count approaches later this year.

"Watt's departure from Local 100 is a sure sign that his Toussaint-supported United Invincible slate has lost the election,"

"There will be new leadership at [the] local come January 1." ... John Samuelsen,

Smack in the middle of a contract fight, United Invincible shows their true colors. They turn tail and run to the safety of TWU of America!
Begging Internationl Pres. James Little for protection from the on slaught of Take Back Our Union (TBOU). Israel Rivera Jr, for news story click on link below and for all your TWU Election news always visit


TBOU Supports The NYC Paid Sick Days Campaign

Message from :New York State Paid Family Leave Coalition

Dear Paid Sick Days Advocates:

There is so much happening on the campaign and so many significant dates approaching that the steering committee thought it was important to have an in-person meeting:

Friday, October 23 at 8:30 AM @ CWA~ 80 Pine St., 37 floor

We need you to join us as we:

Organize activities for the public release of our subway ads on Monday, October 26th
Plan for the bill's City Council hearing on Monday, November 16th
Expand on plans for a women's event on Wednesday, November 18th at NYU Law School
Report of the Coalition's October 19th meeting with Speaker Quinn

Please RSVP by responding to this e-mail or by calling 212-558-2276. Thanks!

We look forward to hearing from you ASAP.

The Take Back Our Union (TBOU) movement supports the efforts of The NYC Paid Sick Days Campaign to stay informed about this campaign and all workers issues visit

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TBOU Education Alert-Friday October 23 " Is Conventional Trade Union Obsolete"

As part of our fall 2009 series of Labor Breakfast Forums, we are pleased to announce a forum entitled “Is Conventional Trade Unionism Obsolete?” The speakers slated for this important discussion have considered these issues from crucial and distinct vantage points: Amy Dean, former Chief Executive Officer, South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council, and author of A New New Deal: How Regional Activism Will Reshape the American Labor Movement; Janice Fine, Assistant Professor of Labor Studies and Employment Relations, Rutgers University, and author of Worker Centers: Organizing Communities at the Edge of the Dream; Gerry Hudson, Executive Vice President of the Service Employees International Union and co-founder of the Emerald Cities Project, committed to greening urban economies in equitable and democratically accountable ways; and Aijen Poo, Co-founder and Director, Domestic Workers United, an organization of nannies, housekeepers, and elderly caregivers fighting for power, respect, fair labor standards.

The event will be held on Friday, October 23, 2009, 8:30 – 10:15 AM, at the Murphy Institute, 25 West 43rd Street, 18th Floor.

Despite over a decade of renewed national commitment to organizing, the US labor movement has remained unable to significantly increase union membership. A legal framework that makes union recognition an uphill battle and huge job losses in heavily-unionized manufacturing sectors partly accounts for labor’s diminished size. Yet the fact that only a few unions have committed the resources necessary to support large-scale organizing also contributes to the fact that overall union density now hovers at 12.4%, and is a sobering 7.6% in the private sector. On the political front, organized labor helped to elect Barak Obama, but may be unable to secure the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), its top legislative priority.

These conditions require the labor movement to grapple with some tough questions: How can labor adapt its organizing template of long-term stability in a single workplace to meet the contemporary realities of contingent and globalized labor? Can the structures and objectives of industrial unions meet the challenges workers face in a post-industrial economy? How might American labor make common cause with a diverse, international labor force increasingly vulnerable within a corporate-dominated global economy? Did it make sense for organized labor to have set EFCA its top legislative priority, rather than focusing on universal health care or financial reregulation, for example? Should organized labor refashion itself as a social movement, standing in for what has become an eviscerated Left? Or does that role unfairly burden unions and distract them from fighting the workplace battles of its members? Our speakers will engage these and other difficult questions in what promises to be a timely and important conversation.

Please be sure to RSVP to Eloiza Morales at 212-642-2029 or by Monday, October 19, 2009. We look forward to seeing you.To stay informed on all labor and worker news always visit

Monday, October 19, 2009


On October 29th 2009 the Take Back Our Union (TBOU) Movement hosts two big events in Mid-Town Manhattan a Woman's Conference and a Fundraiser

TBOU would like to invite you to a woman's conference from 4:30PM until 7:00PM as we ask the question what role will women play in 2010 and beyond inside of TWU Local 100
This most important meeting will take place at the North Star Fund located at:

520 8th avenue 22nd floor between 36 and 37 street

And on the same day Thursday October 29 starting at 6:00PM Join the Take Back Our Union slate for a THE FINAL PUSH Fundraiser/Gathering at McQuaid's Pub on the corner of 11th avenue and 44 street
** Hot Food ** Cash Bar ** $20 donation **

So Please Join us for two great events on one day October 29

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take Back Our Union (TBOU) Action Update- Keep Post Officies Open

The Take Back Our Union (TBOU) movement is calling on transit workers and all of our supporters to come out and help our sisters and brothers as :



President Clarice Torrence to give testimony against New York City Station closings







New York City Stations Possible Station Closures -As of October 9, 2009 these are the New York City Stations “under review for closure by the U.S. Postal Service:


Botanical 2963 Webster Avenue 10458-9998

Clason Point 829 Soundview Avenue 10473-9998

Crotona Park 1682 Boston Road 10460-9998

Hillside 3292 Boston Road 10469-9998

Melcourt 754 Melrose Ave 10451-9998

Oak Point 849 East 149 Street 10455-9998

Van Nest 715 Morris Park Ave. 10462-9998

Cherokee 1483 York Ave. 10021-8840

College 217 West 140th Street 10030-9998

Pitt 185 Clinton Street 10002-9991

Port Authority 76 Ninth Avenue 10011-9992

Port Authority

Convenience Center 625 8th Avenue 10129-9991

Tudor City 5 Tudor City Plaza 10017-9991

West Village 527 Hudson Street 10014-9992

QueensLaGuardia Airport 1 Main Terminal 11371-9998

LIC Parcel Post Annex 4310 10th Street 11101-9997

Chuck Zlatkin
Legislative and Political Director
New York Metro Area Postal Union
350 West 31st Street, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10001
212-563-7553, ext 113; Fax 212-643-9051
Cell: 917-693-9427 for all your union and labor news always go to

Wednesday, October 14, 2009







Tomorrow morning, Brynwood Partners, the Union busting company that brought Stella D’Oro, is sending trucks to the plant in the Bronx to remove machinery. The workers are asking supporters to join them in an emergency protest against the removal of the machinery.

Come to the plant at 8:30 am, or when ever you can tomorrow morning.

For more information call The Bail Out the People Movement at 212 – 633-6646

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Take Back Our Union (TBOU) Election Update- Message from Presidential Candidate John Samuelsen

A Campaign Message from TBOU Presidential Candidate John Samuelsen

Victory is within sight. The ballots will be counted in less than two months, and we are still gaining momentum. In a matter of weeks, the destructive era of Toussaint and Watt will come to an end. Now is the time to remain completely focused on our goal. "The future of TWU Local 100 is at stake. The membership is relying on us to ‘Take Back the Union’ from those who have nearly destroyed it.

Our Take Back Our Union slate has achieved great success in this campaign to rebuild TWU Local 100 by running a positive campaign based on our platform to restore the strength of our union. We have kept away from the negative, hate filled personal attacks which have characterized the campaign of our opponents –Toussaint’s and Watt’s United Invincible slate. As we come down to the wire, Watt and paid agitator Jim Mahoney are spending their final weeks at Local 100 attempting to cement into place an atmosphere of permanent in-fighting. Their goal is to pit member against member so that we are forever fighting each other rather than the bosses the MTA.

Now is the time to stay on message, not stray from it. We don’t need to get into counter-productive debates with Watt, Mahoney and others like them. Watt and Mahoney should be ignored. Leave them to their own devices.Every time they engage in their customarily idiotic behavior, their standing among the members is lowered even further. So leave these poisonous fools to their own internet folly. Time spent responding to their filth, is time we can spend winning more support for TBOU Let’s bring home this victory for the membership. The future of TWU Local 100 is at stake. The membership is relying on us to Take Back the Union from those who have nearly destroyed it. We are very close to achieving that goal. Let’s not get side tracked now. Take Ownership of Your Job, Your Future, Your Union Vote TBOU Support a Change in Local 100

Friday, October 9, 2009

TBOU Action Alert-Taking Back Public Transit Thursday October 15, 2009

NEW YORKERS FOR SAFE TRANSIT(NYfST) Invites you to a Policy Discussion on:
Date: Thursday October 15, 2009
Time: 5:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.
Place: North Star Fund (Mid-Town Manhattan)
520 8th avenue 22nd floor (Between 36 & 37) street

Take Back Our Union (TBOU) is working with other organizations to keep Mass Transit Safe for all New Yorkers. One such organization that is raising the correct questions on behalf of the million of riders of our mass transit system is NYfST:

Why where over 100 Subway booths closed without a public hearing ?
What kinds of violence do you see on NYC’s public transit system?
How can communities intervene? Respond?
What should the MTA do to curb/eliminate sexual harassment, assaults and hate violence?
What should perpetrator accountability look like?
Why are booths being closed in some communities and not others ?
Why are some booths being re-opened ?

New Yorkers for Safe Transit invites you to join us as we begin to explore ways transit riders and workers can work together to change mass transit policy in NYC:

So please join NYfST this Thursday October 15 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM in Mid-Town Manhattan at the North Star Fund located 520 8th ave 22nd fl.(bet.36st and 37st)

This event is being hosted by the Take Back Our Union (TBOU) movement

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Take Back Our Union (TBOU) Fights To Keep Stella Dora In Bronx

Today, Thursday October 8 at 1pm.

Dear Comrade,

It's a story we've heard too many times before. Wall Street firm buys a family owned business, sells its assets and throws the employees onto the street.

Workers at the Stella D'oro cookie company have been fighting for months to keep their Bronx bakery open and save 136 jobs. After an 11 month strike and a court victory, work at the bakery was supposed to resume. Instead, the owners - private equity firm Brynwood Partners - announced their intention to sell the bakery and move the jobs to Ohio.

We're fighting back. Join Take Back Our Union and Stella D'oro workers in a rally at City Hall demanding that the bakery stay in New York.

Rally in support of Stella D'oro workers &demand that the bakery stay in the Bronx.
WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 8, 1pm
WHERE: City Hall
Subways: A, C, M, R, W, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Stella D'oro received more than $400,000 in tax breaks since 2006, meant to modernize the factory and keep jobs in the city. Goldman Sachs owns a significant chunk of Brynwood Partners, and it too has received millions of dollars from the city. It should be obvious: Companies that receive taxpayer dollars meant to sustain good jobs should not be allowed to destroy them while keeping the money.

Join the Stella D'oro workers and supporters from across the city in a rally at City Hall this Thursday at 1pm.

visit: for all your labor news


Sunday, October 4, 2009

TBOU Contract update from John Samuelsen in a letter to Chief-Leader Civil Service Newspaper

To the Editor:

Since the arbitration decision on the TWU Local 100 contract was issued, the incumbent Local 100 administration led by Roger Toussaint,Curtis Tate and Ed Watt has carried on a propaganda campaign toconvince transit workers that their arbitration “strategy” was abrilliant bargaining tactic. They also aggressively attack anyone who points out that the wage package in the arbitrated agreement is less than the citywide wage pattern established by District Council 37 and hurts transit workers in other substantial ways. No amount of Toussaint/ Tate/Watt spin can change those facts.

The current arbitration situation, with the MTA refusing to abide bythe award, demonstrates the dangerous variables involved with choosingto voluntarily submit to this process. Binding arbitration eliminatesthe membership from the process. There is no vote (Toussaint was theonly Local 100 member who voted), and no way to demonstrate how the strength of an informed, organized membership can deliver a good contract. Most significantly, the choice to go to binding arbitrationdoes not help build the union in any way, or prepare Local 100 membersto win future battles against these MTA bosses.

The decision to arbitrate by Toussaint/Tate/Watt was a cynical,coward’s way out of doing the job the membership needed them to do. Onwages, the DC 37-established Citywide wage pattern called for a 4-percent wage increase on the first day of each year of its agreement,with full retroactive pay. Those raises are compounded, which in the end yields an actual raise of 8.16 percent for city workers over a two-year period. For transit workers, the arbitrator eliminated full retroactive pay. Then, our increases do not take effect until three months after the old contract expired. Then, the arbitrator staggered our wage increases by granting transit workers 2-percent increases at six-month intervals. It doesn’t take a math teacher to see that whilethe numbers appear equal in the long run, the reality is that transit workers are losing millions of dollars in wages over the life of the contract.

Tragically, we lost something incredibly important in the arbitrator’s award—transit worker jobs. The award creates a new title—Station Maintainer Helper—which allows management to save money by combining responsibilities and eliminating positions. The potential loss is at least 100 jobs. But it could have been much worse. According to the written decision, the arbitrator was informed that Toussaint/Tate/Watt and the MTA had agreed to expand the One Person Train Operation program (OPTO) on the “L” and “7” lines prior to arbitration in exchange for a minor easing of our 1.5-percent health-care contribution. In other words, the Toussaint/Tate leadership team did their best to give away our Conductor jobs, but the MTA wouldn’t take them! The only thing that prevented this staggering loss of Conductors’ jobs was a tactical error by the Authority in withdrawingits OPTO proposal, believing that the arbitrator would not cap the health-care contribution without the cost savings of expanded OPTO.The arbitrator capped the health-care contribution anyway, but it was done in exchange for broadbanding our Maintenance of Way skilled trade titles instead of OPTO. The health care-cap is an improvement, but certainly not a“tremendous victory” as hailed by Toussaint/Tate/ Watt. Transitworkers still must pay for health insurance while thousands of MTA employees at LIRR pay nothing, as it should be. The fact is that if Toussaint didn’t fold during our 2005 strike, we still wouldn’t bepaying anything for health-care.

Yet the farce continues. The MTA, no doubt annoyed that it will not be reaping even greater health-care contributions from transit workers,is trying to overturn the award in court. Certainly, if the union tried to reverse the award in court, the MTA would be screaming bloodymurder. The latest Toussaint/Tate/Watt tactic of asking transitworkers to “Get Ready to Rock “N? Roll” to “fight back BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY” smacks of a leadership that relies on after-the-fact phony militancy, rather than entering into the contract fight backed up by an organized, informed membership ready to defend their interests. Where were these strategies months ago in advance of negotiations and prior to arbitration, instead of today when the damage has already been done? An effective union prepares for contract negotiations by uniting themembership and organizing the ranks to achieve a good contract. What is achieved at the table affects all aspects of our jobs, our ability to support our families, and our future security. A fully informed and involved membership is essential to the progress and success of negotiations. As far as this contract and this arbitration are concerned, we need to move on. The last thing transit workers can afford now is the bargaining process to be thrown back into the inept hands of the Toussaint/Tate/Watt administration. They have already done far too much damage to our union to risk giving them any more chances. Certainly, Roger Toussaint and Ed Watt have assumed a docile position in their labor/management dealings far too many times already. It is time for TWU Local 100members to join come together and collectively fight these bosses to release our wage increases. Historically, the MTA has only ceded ground when angry rankand-file transit workers take the fight to them direcetly. Come Jan. 1, 2010 that is exactly what is going to happen. TWU Local 100’s new leadership is determined to lead that fight. We are determined to rebalance the scales.

JOHN SAMUELSEN Presient canidate for Take Back Our Union (TBOU)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

TBOU Action Update:Labor Notes School Saturday October 3rd

Still Time to Sign Up! Labor Notes Troublemakers Workshops, Saturday October 3, 1-5pm‏

This Saturday, October 3rd: More Troublemaking!Join us Saturday afternoon, October 3 for an afternoon of education and solidarity. There is still time to sign up so spread the word!

Download the flyer and spread the word!

Labor Notes is sponsoring several in-depth workshops for union activists in the New York area, including:

Defending our Jobs: Employers are on the warpath. Find out how to protect you and your co-workers from harassment, layoffs, and attacks on our standards. This workshop will cover everything from strategies for bargaining in tough times to conducting strikes and other job actions. You will also learn how to build community and political allies in order to fight back and win.
Internal Organizing - Key to a Strong Union: Powerful unions depend on active members. Whether you're an elected leader or thinking about running for office, taking over is just the first step. Learn proven strategies to beat apathy and get your co-workers moving. We'll also discuss why building a democratic union is more important than ever.

Secrets of a Successful Organizer Where ever you work there are secrets to organizing a strong, effective, collective voice on the job. These "secrets" of successful organizing can be learned and practiced in almost any situation. This workshop will help turn you into a better organizer. Using real life examples you'll learn how to map a workplace, pick good issues, build momentum, and turn campaign victories into durable power on the job.
Workshops will run between 1 and 5 p.m. at Murry Bergtraum High School, located at 411 Pearl St.

The school is located beside a tall white building with vertical black windows and a Verizon logo, at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Take the 2/3 to Park Place, the 4/5/6 or R/W to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall. Following city streets from the 2/3 and R/W you turn exit on Broadway. Walk north to Chambers and turn right. Then turn left on Centre St and right on Pearl St. From the 4/5/6 you exit on Centre St., go north and turn right on Pearl St.

Alternatively you can walk through the breezeway underneath the municipal building on Centre St. at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. Turn left towards a large red sculpture. Turn right at the red sculpture and continue until the plaza dead ends. Go down the stairs and continue left onto Avenue of the Finest. Turn left on Madison and right onto Pearl St.

Please call the Labor Notes New York office to register, 718-284-4144 or email Childcare available, please contact Labor Notes for more details.

Suggested Donation $5/$10/$15 sliding scale.

Like what you see? Join the Labor Notes email update list.

Labor Notes - 7435 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48210