Friday, May 15, 2009

10,000 Signatures in Support of Take Back Our Union

Almost 10,000 Local 100 petition signatures were submitted for Take Back Our Union(TBOU). That’s a lot of support. Members will have the right to vote for TBOU candidates running for 175 spots in the Officer and Delegate’s elections.

Last time, Toussaint’s slate won with less than a majority because multiple slates split the vote. This time is different. There are only two slates. It’s us or them.There is a clear choice. Keep them in office or vote for positive change. Let’s all work together to rebuild Local 100 and make it a strong, powerful union that can win us good contracts.

Toussaint Admits: No MTA Contract before Election in January, Toussaint said it would only be a few weeks before we got our contract. This week, he said the arbitration was only half done. That means no contract before the election. You also know what that means – Toussaint’s contract will be bad news for the membership.The newspapers say we may get zeros ($0.00s). It could be even worse.Tate, Watt and Roberts just stood there and let Roger Toussaint decide to go to binding arbitration and make Toussaint the Union’s arbitrator. The only Local 100 member with a vote on the contract is now Roger Toussaint. We believe every member should have the right to vote on their contract.Take Back Our UnionTake Back Our Union will win good contracts and protect our job security.

We will rebuild Local 100 by organizing, mobilizing and uniting all the members in a Union that has real power in the subways, busses and in the halls of government to get us good contracts.

Vote : John Samuelsen for President Israel Rivera for Secretary-Treasurer Angel Giboyeaux for Administrative Vice President & Benita Johnson for Recording Secretary
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