Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take Back Our Union (TBOU) Election Update- TBOU Stuns Toussanit and company in Delegates Election

Take Back Our Union Stuns Toussaint in Delegates Election
Transit union leader Roger Toussaint & Co. suffer a series of defeats
BY Pete Donohue DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Thursday, June 25th 2009,

Transit union leader Roger Toussaint, who led the 2005 Christmastime strike that crippled the bus and subway system has lost his ironclad grip on Transport Workers Union Local 100. A faction of Toussaint loyalists suffered a series of stunning defeats Monday when ballots for delegates to the international's convention were counted.

The loyalist "United Invincible" faction won dozens of uncontested races - but lost about 40 of 67 of the
Head-to-head contests against the anti-Toussaint "Take Back Our Union" camp, sources said Tuesday.

That doesn't bode well for Toussaint and his handpicked successor, acting Local 100 President Curtis Tate, who heads the United Invincible slate. Toussaint stepped down after taking a promotion to the international organization.Ballots for president, secretary-treasurer and other Local 100 leadership posts were mailed out this month ,but haven't been counted.

"If I was a betting man, I'd say John (Samuelsen) is going to win," J.P. Patafio, a high-ranking union official, said of the Take Back Our Union presidential candidate.Samuelsen's campaign has claimed Toussaint, Tate and the current union administration have been too
accommodating to Metropolitan Transportation Authority management since the strike. Toussaint and Tate have said they've won safety and other improvements through cooperation after the walkout. A Tate spokesman declined to comment.The union hasn't officially released the results of the delegates' races.Ballots for delegate seats and local leadership posts were mailed out this month to transit workers.The American Arbitration Association will not count the presidential race ballots until December under an unusual schedule adopted by the union's executive board, which said combining some aspects of two elections would save money.

Thank you; From the Entire TBOU Slate we appreciate your support,You had the Courage to Vote for Change and, that change starts now: TBOU Stations is seeking membership input this summer before the TWU Convention so we can create the members agenda as part of the platform at the TWU Convention in Las Vegas this fall on:

Thursday July 16th from 4:00 PM to 7:00PM
North Star Fund in Mid-town Manhattan
520 8th avenue 22nd floor bet (36 &37) street
Take A , C or E Train to 34 street

Visit our website at http://www.tbou.org/ daily for all your TWU convention news, events and receive live reports via web during the 2009 TWU Convention this fall from TBOU. Be part of the Rebuilding of TWU Local Join the Movement ,Take Back Our Union the Change is here now !

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