Friday, June 5, 2009

Take Back Our Union (TBOU) Election Campaign Message -They said " Save Our Union "

Dear Friends

By now you should have received your election ballots.

Your ability to impact the direction YOUR UNION will take, the direction and terms of your employment is a privilege that you may express now! Your choice, your vote will help determine your work life.

Over the past 8 1/2 years Local 100 has been under the iron fist of Roger Toussaint. Unfortunately he seemed to have been more concerned with utter domination of the Union Hall, the membership, and verbal assaults of Mayor Bloomberg, TWU International past President Sonny Hall and various other officials. These antics have resulted in the poorest showing of 2 1/2 % annual contracts within the NYC Municipal Unions which averaged close to 4% annually during the same period.

Toussaint basically told you 3 years ago that you don't know how to vote. He insisted that you revote on the most disastrously conceived contract with a 1 1/2 % gross wage contribution to our health plan. And if any of you have read the papers you know that this virus was spread to how many Municipal Unions in the past week.

Toussaint shamelessly hires and fires your elected officers. He manipulates the Executive Board in the same fashion: Ex B Members have become his puppets controlled by their paychecks.

Many will remember that not 8 months into his first term Toussaint challenged Sonny Hall for International President. He was ready to leave us then. He wanted to leave Local 100. He claims he has left the Local now. But by his own words ACCEPTED A POSITION WITH DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOCAL 100 AFFAIRS. And Mr Tate says he is not Toussaint's puppet.

My friends, I am deeply and truly troubled. I served you on the Executive Board in the prior term and I saw and heard the most preposterous interpretations and claims that Toussaint regularly made. Shamelessly!

But what troubles me more is at no time did I ever get the sense that Toussaint, Watt or any of their "team" were the least bit concerned about the state of the membership.Working conditions, wages and benefits were all weighed against the political impact, weighed on whether they could be "sold" to the membership. Just when I had thought it couldn't get any more disgusting Toussaint or Watt came up with yet another plot, another way to blindside us, another way to self-aggrandisement. These two have been nothing if not a testament to the old adage "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!"


The John Samuelsen-headed Take Back Our Union slate not only promises a meaningful change but proposes to do so with the deepest commitment to transparent democracy and accountability to the membership by exercising Executive Board Member Candidates committed to stay off release time. That is the foundation of a member driven Local. A local whose administration's power is balanced by the members' representatives at all times. The rest is easy because there is true communication.

Carefully review the ballots you've received. You will find a lot of familiar but also new names on both slates.
Now ask yourself this:
Why did Curtis Tate's shopgates include so many current officers?
Do you recall last election when these same -then new names - officers were accompanied by the then current officers WHO HAVE ALL REMAINED ON STAFF in the current term?
Where were these officers for the last 2 1/2 years since they were elected. Why are they campaigning on Release Time - your dues money?The TBOU team wants a meaningful change at Local 100. Roger Toussaint must go out with yesterday's news. "Son-Of-Roger" Tate cannot be permitted to carry on Toussaint's legacy of corruption, givebacks and mediocrity. That is why we have taken our own time to bring these messages to you.
Exercise your privilege! Vote! Vote the TBOU slate! Mark ONLY the TBOU slate box at the top of the ballot.
There is no need whatsoever to add in any of Roger's puppets. Any votes for any of Roger's candidates could result in knocking out a dedicated TBOU candidate.
STOP Roger's power grab at the upcoming International Convention.

-- I hope you remember me and my slate TAKE BACK OUR UNION favorably.Fraternally,RCI George PerlsteinCar Maintenance Candidate for: Executive Board Vice Chair Road Car Inspectors International Convention Delegate

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