Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Take Back Our Union (TBOU) Election Update- Message from Presidential Candidate John Samuelsen

A Campaign Message from TBOU Presidential Candidate John Samuelsen

Victory is within sight. The ballots will be counted in less than two months, and we are still gaining momentum. In a matter of weeks, the destructive era of Toussaint and Watt will come to an end. Now is the time to remain completely focused on our goal. "The future of TWU Local 100 is at stake. The membership is relying on us to ‘Take Back the Union’ from those who have nearly destroyed it.

Our Take Back Our Union slate has achieved great success in this campaign to rebuild TWU Local 100 by running a positive campaign based on our platform to restore the strength of our union. We have kept away from the negative, hate filled personal attacks which have characterized the campaign of our opponents –Toussaint’s and Watt’s United Invincible slate. As we come down to the wire, Watt and paid agitator Jim Mahoney are spending their final weeks at Local 100 attempting to cement into place an atmosphere of permanent in-fighting. Their goal is to pit member against member so that we are forever fighting each other rather than the bosses the MTA.

Now is the time to stay on message, not stray from it. We don’t need to get into counter-productive debates with Watt, Mahoney and others like them. Watt and Mahoney should be ignored. Leave them to their own devices.Every time they engage in their customarily idiotic behavior, their standing among the members is lowered even further. So leave these poisonous fools to their own internet folly. Time spent responding to their filth, is time we can spend winning more support for TBOU Let’s bring home this victory for the membership. The future of TWU Local 100 is at stake. The membership is relying on us to Take Back the Union from those who have nearly destroyed it. We are very close to achieving that goal. Let’s not get side tracked now. Take Ownership of Your Job, Your Future, Your Union Vote TBOU Support a Change in Local 100

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