Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TBOU Information Picket For Wednesday July 22nd At TWU Headquarters Canceled

TWU Local 100 has finally certified the delegates for the 2009 convention so Take Back Our Union (TBOU) is calling off the information picket for tomorrow July 22 , 2009 at the TWU Local 100 headquarters located at 80 West End Avenue.TBOU can now focus 100% of its energy on the MTA and keeping subway booths open.But we could not allow the Local 100 leadership to disrespect the over 10,000 members who voted in the election so TBOU forced the issue and got the union to certify the delegates and give up on these fake protests and re-counts of the convention election.Therefore TBOU has canceled our picket for tomorrow and would once again like to thank all of the members who voted for TBOU. To stay informed always visit http://www.tbou.org/

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