Sunday, July 19, 2009

TBOU Action Alert -Post The Election Results Already! Information Picket this Wednesday July 22 at TWU Local 100 Headquarters

Take Back Our Union (TBOU) is calling all members, supporters, and anyone who believes in democracy to join us Wednesday, July 22nd, starting 5:30PM at the TWU Local 100 Headquarters at 80 West End Avenue (At 64th Street. By subway, take the 1 to the 66th Street stop). TBOU demands Election Results be posted now! Over 10,000 TWU Local 100 members voted for convention delegates a month ago, but TWU Local 100 still hasn't posted the results.

United Invincible, however, has a leaflet claiming victory and has posted on the TWU Local 100 website, claiming that the only reason they haven't posted the results is that they are awaiting a AAA re-count of some divisions by hand. This is an outright lie, as AAA has no knowledge of a recount, and the TWU election committee hasn't asked for one. Enough with this circus! Post the results now.

What TBOU demands is simple:

· TBOU demands the election results be made known and the delegates be certified.

· TBOU demands that the Executive Board rescind the bylaw that states General Election votes won't be counted until December 2009. Count all the votes now -- the members have a right to know whom they voted for.

· TBOU demands all Information about Current Contract be available to the members. Put an end to secrecy in TWU Local 100

· TBOU calls for an end to politics and for TWU to join the fight to keep Subway booths open.

TBOU Information Picket: 80 West End Avenue TWU Headquarters
Wednesday July 22th 2009, 5:30PM
With TBOU presidential candidate John Samuelsen and the TBOU Convention Delegates

Call the election committee (212)873-6000 ext.2089 or (212) 873-6000 ext.2059,or send an email to or and demand to have your Vote Counted Now !

Don’t let them hold your Union & your vote hostage! For more information, go to

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