Monday, July 14, 2008

Marty Goodman Leads Charge to Cool Off Moblie Wash Rooms

In two weeks Marty Goodman did what the union could not for over a decade -- he got air conditioning for the Mobile Wash room at West 4th street.

Mr. Goodman, a three time executive board member of TWU Local 100 went directly to Howard Roberts, the President of the Transit Authority and made it clear that cleaners in Stations need and deserve air conditioning now in the summer.

After going through the very bureaucratic T.A. chain of command, Mr.Goodman said enough and on June 23rd, sent a letter directly to Mr. Roberts about the inhumane working conditions at West 4th street. As of this past weekend, a temporary AC has already been put in at the Mobile Wash room at West 4th St.

But this is not just about West 4th Street; you can go into any Mobile Wash room and you will see many rooms without basic amenities such as AC.

That is why, following several meetings with the members at West 4th Street an informational picket has been scheduled for 8:00 am this Wednesday, July 16th at 2 Broadway at the T.A. headquarters. We will picket until we get A/C in all Mobile Wash rooms.

But that is just a start: we will not stop our Take Back Our Union action approach in Stations until both the T.A. and the union stop treating us like second class employees and members. As the members of Stations prepare to take back our union, this victory for cleaners in Stations is the first step on a long road to dignity and respect.

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