Monday, July 14, 2008

Is Democracy Dead in TWU Local 100?

With the passing of the recent By-law amendments many feel that true Union Democracy is dead in Local 100. But if you carefully look at it, the Bylaw changes main function is to solidify the position of those already in power. While it does limit the members choices in things like conventions etc, it does not kill democracy in Local 100. It merely changes the playing field.
These Bylaw changes make Union-wide elections even more important than they once were. As it stands, the only way to really effect change in Local 100 is voting in Union-wide elections. If you don't like the job your Union reps are doing: vote them out. If you think they all stink: clean house.
In turn this makes being up to date on your Union dues crucial.
In order to vote, you must be paid up. In order to run for office you must be paid up for 12 months. If you are paid up, both back dues and current dues, you can shape the direction of the Union. Want better reps? Better contracts? Want to vote on the contract? Pay your Union dues.
Having some extra pocket change each month is great, but protecting your pension, your job and having a say in your next contract is even better.

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