Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rally Today to Stop MTA Service Cuts

Rally Today To Stop MTA Service Cuts: Union Square South @5:30PM

Time is running out to prevent layoffs, deep service cuts and steep fare hikes on the MTA. Due to lack of funding at by both the State and City , 8 million transit riders will face a 23% fare increase and wide service cuts. In addition over 1,10o transit workers face layoffs which would make the NYC transit system less safe and secure.Mass transit is essential to ensuring our City runs efficiently. More importantly, it is the only means of transportation for many people.

Workers who have been priced out of the City will face even longer commutes. Even more of their already shrinking paychecks will have to go to paying for transportation. With our environment facing a serious crisis, we need to encourage more people to take public transportation, not discourage them by making transit more expensive and less accessible. You can act to stop this from happening.

Rally Tuesday, April 28Union Square, South Plaza5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Make your voice heard. Hold Albany responsible for the gridlock that has prevented action on a workable MTA plan for months. It's a matter of protecting our workers, our environment and our jobs. You can also take a minute to let your state representative know that you are fed up with the roadblocks in Albany and want to see a real, workable plan for the MTA. Visit: http://ga3.org/campaign/adv_keepnymovggen

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