Saturday, June 28, 2008

Double-Dipping TWU Secretary Treasurer

Interesting Article From the TWU Bus Website:

TWU Secretary Treasurer ED Watt Exposed as Double Agent for MTA!

Ed Watt is the second most frequent user of FREE E-ZPass issued by MTA to
Board Members, as reported by Pete Donohue, NY Daily News on Friday, June 20th, 2008.
(Click here for whole story)

Mr. Watt is listed as a non-voting MTA Board Member. I guess that means he gets all the perks too!! Now, lets look at this carefully- A Union spokesman defends Ed Watt by stating "Ed's full-time job is conducting MTA business, and that's what he
uses his E-ZPass for," let's not forget Ed Watt is elected by us, the
membership, to do our bidding not the MTA's. He is on the MTA Board with the #2
highest usage of the free E-ZPass.

His title is still Bus Operator That means he still has a TA issued Employee Metro Card now... The Union Hall is still over on West End Avenue (no new building yet...) and the MTA Headquaters Building is on Madison Avenue and
44th Street. You mean Bloomberg built a toll booth between the Union Hall &
the MTA and we missed it?

Oh it! He lives out in Belle Harbor, in that really big expensive
Victorian house one door from the Atlantic Ocean that he purchased with his
Union Salary ($125,730 as per 2007 LM2) and commutes over MTA Toll Bridges
daily... for FREE???

As reported by Pete Donohoue of the NY Daily News, MTA Board Vice
Chairman David Mack , has publicly stated that the use of mass transit is sort of beneath him... Is this the same sentiment that Ed Watt has? He doesn't use Mass Transit either, a service provided by the very people he is supposed to represent! Another thought... If Ed Watt is on the MTA Board getting this and who knows what other perks, where is the mandate for him to be an advocate for 37,000 members in need of a contract by years' end?

What other perks or deals are our Top "Elected" Officers receiving from the MTA
to soften their views and undermine the membership's voice.

Eddie what have you done?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I would like to know how many times that Ed Watt put his hands in the Local 100 cookie jar. The sale of the building to themselves, and then re-selling it 1 year later. A track cleaner recording secretary with a 1 million condo in White Plains N.Y. Roger just bought a $800,000.00 home outside of Atlanta. Arrest these criminals.