Saturday, April 5, 2008

About The Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Seminar Series

My work around financial issues and pensions in particular came shortly about after our last contract as I took a course on pensions at Cornell. This was one of the two best classes of all the courses I have taken at Cornell (the other being Zita Allen’s media class.

Following the pension course I began holding financial workshops in an effort to help members better understand the power of our defined pension plan. Last year, a group of concerned workers in my department (Stations) asked me to join them in setting up some financial seminars.

So I am happy and thankful that after over two years of work that you the members are supporting my efforts. It is quite rewarding and humbling that so many of you from various departments have come out and spent over three hours discussing things that are important to you and your families. Also gratifying are the many positive comments and suggestions (like the ones below) that let us know this is something that was needed and desired. The topics discussed at the last seminar include credit repair, home buying, 401/457K plans, insurance, workers compensation, our defined pension plan from NYC and of course, the 20/50 bill (A05778).

Future workshops will include another Health Workshop seminar, similar to the last one which focused on diet, exercise, weight loss tips and techniques, strategies and nutrition.

What Members Have to Say:

  • "This is a great thing, let's definitely keep this going and expanding."

  • "Great - everything I wanted was covered.""Can't get enough information - thanks Marvin!"

  • "Very informative. I appreciate the information and hope this continues. We need it."

  • "Very good idea to inform members about the 20/50 bill."

  • "Great workshop!!"

  • "We really needed something like this; thank you so much for doing this."

  • "Sign me up for the next one!"

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