Monday, December 10, 2007

Standing Room Only at December 6th Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (tm) Financial Seminar

It was standing room only as HomeStation and the Concerned Workers’ Group closed out its Lifestyle Seminars Series with its last financial workshop for 2007. Members from Stations, RTO, CED, MOW and TA bus joined in unity and solidarity to be educated on topics ranging from credit repair and home buying to banking options and pensions.

We expect our already impressive line up of guest speakers to continue to grow in 2008 as representatives from various companies such as CitiBank and New York Life contact us and ask if they can give presentations at upcoming financial seminars in 2008. These companies will look join our representatives from Merrill Lynch, Chase Bank and First Republic Bank.

We’re pleased that Norman Rosenfeld, retired Deputy Director of NYCERS, has agree to join us in up coming seminars in 2008 to answer all your NYCERS pension-related questions. We’re also pleased to welcome retired track worker Joel Fredericson on board. Mr. Fredericson was one of the architects of the TWU local 100 Workers compensation department, and he can answer all your workers comp questions. We expect Mr. Fredericson and Mr. Norman Rosenfeld to be regular contributors to the HomeStationOnline portal as well.

These seminars started out with a small group of concerned transit workers from Stations Department, and has grown to include members from a variety of departments and divisions. This is only the beginning; in early 2008 we will begin the Health series and in spring 2008 we will begin a new politics and labor series. Some of the most renowned guest lectures in their respective fields of health, politics and labor education have already given the Home Station commitments to speak at our workshops. All our guest speakers bring packages and materials for the members to take home and study, and there is always an ample question and answer period for your specific concerns.

Remember there is never a charge or fee at our seminars and workshops, nor are you obligated to buy anything or utilize the services. These events are solely for the information and education of members, so that transit workers in the can make the best decisions for themselves, both in the union and in the communities where we live. That’s why we hold these seminars all over the city: we want to take unionism back to the communities we live in while at the same time bring all Local 100 members together on an ongoing basis to build unity and solidarity inside Local 100.

So be on the lookout for details in the upcoming weeks on the next series, come out and find out what your co-workers are talking about, and begin to take the next steps to becoming healthier, wealthier and wiser.

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